3 Surprising Facts About Female Orgasms

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There are probably many facts about orgasm, predominantly female orgasm that you might not know until now. Some of the facts about orgasms revolve around mental and physical benefits to women. Although some are facts about female orgasm expose the myths related to female orgasm. Keeping everything aside, one thing that no woman can deny is that female orgasm can make the sensual experience much more joyful pleasurable.

Even though female orgasm is mysterious and unpredictable, only a few people know its importance for a female body.

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According to some studies, it is proven that healthy men almost always experience an orgasm during sex by the age of 20, while on the contrary, women can reach this stage when they reach about the age of 35 years that too is only 90% of cases. However, when it comes to true female orgasm, it is said to be more instance and last longer than the male orgasm.

So here are a few facts about the female orgasm that can enhance your knowledge about the female body and sexual requirements.

  1. Female Orgasms work as a pain reliever:

Some evidence and medical science studies show that orgasms can be a pain reliever for all your body pains. Pains such as pain due to arthritis, post-surgery pain, and even pain because of childbirth can be relieved by orgasm. So, women, don’t ignore your orgasm and its need in your body. A chemical reaction chain happens behind an orgasm that releases oxytocin hormone during orgasm. And this oxytocin hormone is the chemical that initiates relaxation and other positive emotional states, which further helps relieve pain. However, pain relief due to orgasm is short-lived and remains around for 8 to 10 minutes. Some studies in medical science also indicate that just thinking about sex can help ease the pain.

  1. It’s not easy for women to reach orgasm.
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According to a study conducted in 2018, almost half of women worldwide complain about having difficulty reaching the state of orgasm or, even worse, failure in reaching orgasm. So, your failure in hitting your climax is actually widespread. Failure or difficulty in hitting orgasm can be an issue you face in your sex life, and it might be troubling. However, it is difficult to point out the exact reason you cannot orgasm or face some difficulties in it because there are several reasons behind this. It can be your stress and anxiety, medical issues, or past trauma that troubles you in reaching orgasm.

  1. A condom cannot hamper orgasm.

Many people believe in the myth that if sex can feel better without a condom, the same happens with an orgasm. So, please clear the air that females can experience equal orgasm in the absence or presence of a condom. And if your partner is resistant to wearing a condom due to lack of sensation, try out manual or oral stimulation before actual intercourse.

So, these are some facts that can be helpful and myth busters about female orgasm. And most importantly, female orgasm is more of an individual thing, so don’t compare yourself with others. If want happy ending with female hire Delhi Escorts from Erosescorts.in

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